The First Week Of 2021

The First Week Of 2021

Sunday evening…..brings the feel of the dreaded Monday Blues again, yes it’s a thing! And to top it off this Monday is coupled with ‘New Year Expectations’.

Understandably, you may be a bit overwhelmed, irritated or just plain blah. 

January comes around and you’re “supposed” to find this magic motivation to tackle some big goals!

Uhmm…..super hard to do especially in the midst of a pandemic.

And when you’re just not gung-ho like everyone else or able to commit to the things you said you would, our friend SHAME can creep in.

Here’s how to find some motivation and do what's best for you:

  • Baby steps. Make your goals smaller so they are easier to accomplish. That winning feel becomes adrenalin to do more.
  • To-Do lists. Writing it down somehow makes it real and whips us into action. You’ll feel joy checking off each one.
  • WHY? Knowing your ‘why’ keeps you driven enough when the mental chatter tries to slow your ass down.
  • Accountability. Work with a trusted friend that is just as motivated as you are to hold each accountable for the things you both need to do.
  • Reminders. Set yourself positive, fun, loving, inspirational reminders that you’ve totally got this!
  • Celebrate. Your wins are yours and shouldn’t be compared to anyone else. Celebrate your wins big or small! You did the darn thing.

Have an awesome week!! 

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