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Mission Statement

Empowering black women to exude confidence by throwing black girl magic around like confetti!

Black Elegance

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Amazing Service!

Babeeeeeeeee!!! Yes ma'am!! To say I love these would be an understatement. You did your thang with these shirts!! I want to wear all of them tomorrow. Lol I really appreciate you so much! Yall checkout Dat Brwn Girl Boutique. Customer service is AWESOME!!! I swear I feel like I've known you forever! Thanks girl!

-Celestia S.

Love It!!!

I can't tell you how much I LOVE THIS PLANNER!!! I ordered the monthly stickers from Amazon & put them in. With my folder in back, I'm IN LOVE!! Thank you so much!!!

-Mychelle F.

Very Reliable!!

In the world of business, reliability is EVERYTHING!! After providing quality products for our events in 2020, we look forward to pushing the envelope in 2021 by providing our clients with additional custom made products. Thank you Dat Brwn Girl Boutique for your hard work and dedication!

-Rochelle J.

Thank You!

I love my journal and my shirt. I can't wait to start releasing some thoughts on paper. This journal is exactly what I needed. It's creative! I'm looking forward to wearing my shirt soon. Thank you!

-Falan E.

Who We Are

Dat Brwn Girl Boutique was born from the vision of my oldest daughter back in 2014. I sprinkled some crazy faith on it and let God have His way. In such a short time we have reached hundreds of customers and formed amazing bonds with other business owners. As we continue to build our legacy we look forward to all future endeavors and know that the best is yet to come!