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Everyone won't understand your vision but keep building anyway! Remember it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark. Always plan ahead!

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Looking to start your business or grow your brand? There is always room at the top for all of us sis. Let us help you get started! 

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Dat Brwn Girl Boutique brings innovation and creativity to entrepreneurs by helping business owners create an organized and productive plan through analysis of data and identification of goals .

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    Tiffany Shauntaey, is a serial entrepreneur and blogger who has created her own printing company, Dat Brwn Girl, LLC. She works with other business owners by helping them create and expand their brand with the production of their own line of products for their targeted clientele.

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    Hey girl hey! So did you know that writing is a form of therapy?! We dedicate this section to our voice, our thoughts, and our communities experiences. Telling the world more of what you want them to know.

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